atpakaļ pie kalendāra


Year 2019


1.1. The tournament is organised by Biedrība “Sporta klubs “Boule””(LV), MTÜ Valga Petanque Klubi (EST) and  Petankės sporto klubas Šiauliai (LT).

1.2. The target of the tournament is to determine the best players, the winners of the Baltic Cup and to promote the development of petanque.


2.1. Participants are man and woman teams that are formed from one country’s representatives. The tournament is open for countries that are located by the Baltic Sea.

2.2. Number of teams per country is not limited.

2.3. Team applications are addressed to the organisers at least 5 days prior to the tournament.

2.4. With substitute players, it is permitted to change players at any tournament stage.

2.5. No more than 2 substitute players.

2.6. A participant who has played in one team is not permitted to play for a different team.

2.7. It is allowed to form teams from players of different clubs.


3.1. Every player that has applied must pay 10 EUR to the stage organisers. Players that are younger than 17yo do not have to pay. 67% of the money stays to the stage organisers (prises, staff and other services).

3.2. Payment deadline- tournament day.

3.3. The purchase of the total standings winner’s cup is financed by the tournament’s organisers.


Baltic Cup first stage- Lithuania (Šiauliai) 18.05.2018 start at 10.00;
Baltic cup second stage– Latvia (Zaķumuiža, Ropažu novads) 15.06.2018 start at 10.00;
Baltic Cup third stage- Estonia (Valga,Valga petanque fields by Pedele) 06.07.2018 start at 10.00.

5.1. Tournament is played by FIPJP rules. Before the tournament the main judge has the right to notify the participants of any derogations from these rules.

5.2. Each tournament stage is managed by a judge designated by the organisers.

5.3. Judges are not permitted to participate in the tournament stage that they are judging.

5.4. In case of a dispute the head judge’s decision is indisputable (exception- jury’s decision).

5.5. Baltic Cup jury: Remigijus Bielskis, Tiit Kattai and Gundars Lasmanis.

5.6. Baltic Cup’s jury together with the tournaments main judge decide what to do in “forcemajeure” situations for all questions that are not talked about in these regulations.

5.7. Jury’s decisions cannot be appealed and they are decided on by the majority of the jury.


6.1. Tournament’s game arrangement and the determining of  all teams’ earned places is governed by each stages organisers. Participants are informed about the arrangement just before the start of the tournament.


7.1. Points are awarded to all of the stages participants (trios), according to their earned places. Rank points are given to the teams in all tournament stages: - 20; - 18; - 16; - 15; - 14; - 13; - 12; - 11; - 10; - 9; - 8; - 7; - 6; 5; - 4; - 3; lower than  gets 1 point each.

7.2. If two teams have an equal amount of points, the higher place is earned by  the team that has, in decreasing order of importance, better results in: all stage mutual games, point difference in the mutual games, total point difference, highest place in any of the tournament’s stages.

7.3. In the evaluation of the results and in determining the Baltic Cup winner, the sum of all three tournament stage points is used.


8.1. Tournament documentation consists of the given regulation, applications and protocols- tournament’s total tables.


 9.1. After each tournament stage the top three teams are rewarded with medals and cash prises: 1. place 50% of the prise fond, 30% of the prise fond, 3. place 20% of the prise fond. If there are less than 8 teams participating in the tournament, then the prise fond is divided as such: 60% of the prise fond, 2. place 40% of the prise fond. The prise fond for man and woman teams is created separately.

9.2. After the three tournament stages the man and woman teams are awarded with cups.


The tournament is organised by Biedrība “Sporta klubs “Boule””(LV), MTÜ Valga Petanque Klubi (EST) and Petankės sporto klubas Šiauliai (LT). Tournament organisers’ contact information:

 Gundars Lasmanis Biedrības „Sporta klubs „Boule”” valdes loceklis +371 29215481; 

Tiit Kattai   MTÜ Valga Petanque Klubi, prezident +372 520 2962; .

Remigijus Bielskis  Petankės sporto klubas Šiauliai  prezidentas  +370 65247765;

Biedrība “Sporta klubs “Boule””(LV)

MTÜ Valga Petanque Klubi(EST)

Petankės sporto klubas Šiauliai (LT)